Nihal Education Centre Sudan

Sponsors & Helpers

Initiative zur Bildungs­förderung im Sudan e.V., Germany

The Initiative zur Bildungs­förderung im Sudan e.V. is an organisation under German law, which pursues exclusively non-profit and charitable purposes and has set the promotion of education in Sudan and cultural exchanges with Sudan as its goal.


The organisation tries to achieve its objectives particularly by following activities:

  • Establishment and maintenance of a German-Sudanese educational institution (Nihal Education Centre Sudan) in Omdurman (Sudan), which includes an integrative kindergarten and an elementary and vocational school for Sudanese refugee children and street children and also a university. Additionally to imparting knowledge there is a focus on the provision of free medical services for pupils, students and their families. Furthermore there shall be offered sports and music courses.
  • Arranging sponsorships bertween German and Sudanese famlies. The purpose of these sponsorships is to provide financial and intrinsic support of a Sudanese child in his education, for example by assumption of school fees and the provision of donations in kind such as children’s books, toys and clothes.
  • Arranging partnerships between German and Sudanese educational institutions.
  • Conducting readings, information and musical events for the purpose of promoting dialogue between the occidental and the Afro-oriental culture as well as in order to increase mutual understanding of each other’s culture.
  • Raising funds through fees, donations as well as by the events mentioned above which serve the intrinsic support for the supported purpose.


More information (in German) you can find on the website of the organisation:


Nihal Education Friends, Sudan

The Nihal Education Centre Sudan is supportet on site by the initiative Nihal Education Friends.


In 1977 several persons on site united to support the creation and operation of a girls’ school in Omdurman due to the acute demand of such. This project could be operated successfully for years.

After the outbreak of the civil war and with progressing duration of the conflicts the operation became increasingly difficult, on the one hand by fewer and fewer families being able to afford the school fees required for the operation and on the other hand by the government always demanding higher taxes. Additionally more and more teachers were drafted into the armed service. Also there repeated acute hindrances by the Islamization to a Sharia state carried out radically at that time.

But at the beginning of the new century there were growing endeavours to found a follow-up project to establish new educational institutions at the place of the old ones. Here the idea in the establishment of an integrated educational system according to European education standards from kindergarten to vocational maturity arose. This initiative is supportet from the beginning on site by many respected forces, including academics (Azza Al-Aidarous, Mohamed Daoud Al-Kahlif, Dr. Siddik Mustafa), university professors (Prof. Dr. Bukhari Abdallah Al-Gali, Prof. Dr. Mamoun Al Shaikh, Prof. Youssef Al-Khalifa Aboubakr), but also very competent representatives of the Ahfad Women’s University (Prof. Dr. Qasim Badri, Prof. Dr. Amna Badri, Mr. Abdel Rahim Abou Rgela).

According to Sudanese law it is at the moment an initiative, however there are currently attempts to achieve the registration as organisation, what is however connected with considerable difficulties according to the current Sudanese law. The process is supervised by the lawyer Hashim Al Jaily with the assistance of Ali Mustafa and Mr. Salloum (current director of the elementary school).